The name “Hind” carries 3 inherent origins for us as a brand:

1. The short-form of Hindustan
2. The Arabic name for India
3. An Arabic female name

These three definitions are the core of what we love: Indian, Indian women's fashion, and our home, Kuwait. 

HIND has been proud to partner with great Indian design labels, and will continue to search for Indian products that we know deserve to be shared with the world.

We began our journey with pop-up shops that helped women find clothing that was different, used natural materials, and cuts and shapes that Indian markets had loved forever, and have since then grown into an e-boutique (with private client studio) that can deliver worldwide.

We will continue to curate seasonal collections that carry fashion-forward Indian brands beyond the subcontinent, and, hopefully, your closets and homes.

To reach out to us, you can find us pretty easy on Instagram @hindofkuwait, or e-mail us at